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Hi I’m Nicole,

Thanks a million for visiting our site. My entire business life has been in the “Motor Vehicle Industry” and that is now some 25 years. I have always thought there ought to be an easier way for people to purchase quality used cars for sale and I have set about offering a service to do just that.

Lets face it, Cars are a necessity and not a luxury if you are the typical kiwi, we all have busy lives and families that need to be run here there and everywhere. We all need to get from A to B that’s a fact. For some of us however, buying are car is a HASSLE and Challenging! I’ll bet somewhere in your life you can quote a bad experience you’ve had with buying a car.

Firstly, the MONEY….we all need it, and many of us have to borrow it. If you need car finance, I can help you with this. Before you start down the journey of finding that suitable vehicle, let me help you secure your money first. I find that “Knowing what you can spend makes shopping so much more fun”.

Perhaps you have had some blemishes in your credit history, this happens to many of us, don’t be too hard on yourself, that’s life 🙂 I can however help you with this, I am a vehicle finance specialist in this area and have as many years in Car Finance as I do in providing quality used cars for sale. It’s logical to put your best foot forward when applying for car finance and its far nicer dealing with just one person, especially when dealing with anything of a personal nature.

I have relationships with many finance partners that lend money to my clients, and through choice I always get the most favorable outcome for my customers, best of all I can secure excellent car finance interest rates in most cases. “Yes” even if you have had a blemish or two.

Now that you have your money sorted, the task of finding that perfect vehicle for you and your family. I’m no mechanic, but I have been around a very long time, in fact well before our industry was De-regulated, so the up-side is that I actually know quite a lot. Most importantly I know how to avoid making catastrophic mistakes that can cost a fortune.

I specialize in providing my customers exceptional quality, high auction grade, used cars for sale from Japan, our major import partner of vehicles. I’m not a guru on “Europeans” so if that’s what your after I’m likely to encourage you to go to the experts in that field. But if your after a good quality, late model and reliable Japanese vehicle then I CAN HELP YOU:)

We have access to over 1200 vehicles through our wholesale connections, and there will most definitely be something that suits your needs and budget. If I am prepared to offer it for sale to you, then I am also prepared to stand behind the quality.

I look forward to making your next vehicle experience enjoyable, and showing you how easy it is to secure your car finance. Feel free to call me anytime to discuss how I can help you into your next vehicle.

Warm regards

PS:If you cant get me first time, because I’m busy driving up and down the countryside delivering, I will of course always be in contact with you on my return. Please leave me a detailed message with your best contact number.

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