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Newsflash – Interests Rates From 9.95%

Posted on Friday, September 1st, 2017

It is with great pleasure to advise that we now have an army of super amazing finance partners offering extremely competitive finance rates from 9.95%.  In conjunction with this we have also established facilities that allow us greater flexibility to often approve applicants that have been declined by others.

We want to look after you and make the application process easy and stress free, please give me a call or flick me an email if you want to discuss your situation.  I am always happy to lend an ear and give you the right advice around your independent needs.

Spring is in the air…Yay 🙂

Call Nicole 0800 333 055 Anytime!


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Do you want to experience a premium car buying & finance service like no other?

Posted on Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

We are registered motor vehicle traders and registered financial providers. It matters to me and the team @ stuckfortransport that our clients experience the very best motor vehicle buying and finance service available in New Zealand.

Don’t you often wish that business still operated on the old fashioned values of trust an honesty, you know business on a hand shake style?   I know I do, but sadly particularly in the Motor Industry this had been fast diminishing in many areas of the used car market and many of us that have been around forever get a bad rap.

Trade me has not made it easy either as there are still far too many back yard dealers masking their true identity and importing sub-standard vehicles and flogging them off at UN-realistically cheap prices that just confuse heck out the average consumer.

CHEAP and QUALITY are too words that do not go together.  If you want cheap, you are more likely buying just that…a can of worms that has been bandaged up to look good on the surface for a limited amount of time.  Quality on the other hand you will have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for.  BUT… the good news is that quality will notably cost you less in day to day running and overall maintenance.

If you feel its time to upgrade your family vehicle…give me and the team a call.

We are proudly family owned and operated and we will look after you GUARANTEED !!!

Call Nicole Today on 0800 333 055 or Text 021 430-174 Anytime 🙂

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WARNING!! NZ Budget Services – Dish out bad advice far too often!

Posted on Monday, May 19th, 2014

This morning I had a call from a really lovely lady called Kim. Her story is becoming far too familiar for my liking, so I wish to share it with you all. Kim’s background is simple, she has always been a hard worker contributing to her family and paying her way in society. Had been employed for 6 years before being made redundant and to add insult to the injuries her marriage fell apart. Left with debts and a child to support Kim was forced to seek help and advice so she turned to “Work and Income NZ” (WINZ). She was in a desperate place not really knowing how to sort out her affairs as life was all a bit of a jumble at this point, she had never applied for welfare before and she was not savvy to this world at all. I refer to it as a world because it is, there are very genuine clients in need of a helping hand and then there are those that know all to well how to play the welfare system!

Kim has only been collecting welfare for a short time and has been very proactively seeking re-employment. To her delight she recently secured a job and has been taken on full time. She was thrilled to walk into the WINZ office and advise her case manager that she would not be requiring the level of support she had been receiving, she however is entitled to a working for families tax credit.

This new job and new lease on life is what bought her to me. Her car was involved in an accident and had been deemed a write off, not her fault either, but she needed another car urgently. She diligently faxed off all her details to me so that I could assess her for finance and at first glance she gets a tick in all the right boxes. She runs her account well, holds a full license and had a relatively hiccup free payment history on her previous vehicle to a well known New Zealand finance company.

I proceed with the normal checks and balances that are required when applying for finance and this is where the story takes on a very unfortunate twist for the lovely Kim. She had recently filed for a Non Asset Procedure (NAP) and was not eligible to apply for finance at this time. The NAP was advised to her by the WINZ Budget Services back in February as a way for her to emotionally cope with the fact that she was struggling to put food on the table (her words)! The debts that she forgave her entire credit profile for were a pathetic amount of $1478! One to a Power company and the other was to Telecom…

Lets just say I am still flawed at the advice she was given and to my disgust at the adviser, Kim genuinely did not seem to understand the ramifications of the actions she took under the advice she was given. Remember she was in a foreign head space, struggling with more that a few hardships that she had to work through, she was not thinking properly at all and this forced her to take unnecessary actions that have affected her credit worthiness for at least the next 5 years. You rely on the advice that anyone with the title “BUDGET ADVISER” gives to you right??? Well folks think again, I have seen this happen once to often now and frankly its disgraceful and disgusting.

How can a government department advise a person who has $1400 worth of total debt to take the extreme steps of a NAP which is just a creative word for voluntary bankruptcy?? This woman had always held a previously good credit rating and the advice she was given now affords her zero opportunity to put her life back in order. She cannot borrow money for a car which is pretty essential if you work and have children to cater for.

As the budget adviser had no consideration for her past or future life, maybe he or she or WINZ would like to give this lady a loan so that she can replace her much needed vehicle. This is one of the most pathetic cases I have seen and is a clear demonstration of the inadequacy of our WELFARE WORLD and its employees!

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Posted on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014


All vehicles purchased in the month of October will receive min $250 to max $1000 cash back upon settlement of transaction. Mystery envelope… XMAS spending…

Hi readers,

well thank heavens that the election is over, it has been one heck of a slog through the build up and circus that the political world provide us.

Now that the dust has settled perhaps it is time to upgrade your family vehicle in time for summer?  Oh yes bring on that warmer weather please.

Let the team at Stuckfortransport look after your motoring needs, we are here ready to assist you and help take the hassle out of buying a vehicle, specifically if you live in the regional parts of New Zealand.

If you have not taken the time to listen to my video on the home page…you should!  I point out probably the most relevant and beneficial reason that you should deal with only one person when trying to secure your car finance.

We are registered financial advisers,  and we only credit check you once!  We then position your application for the best possible outcome with a finance partner of ours that suits your individual circumstances.

We have over a 90% success rate in matching the right lending partner to our clients. DID YOU KNOW… that for every credit check that gets performed against you, your credit score goes down…this can often make it difficult to secure your finance.

Call us today and start selecting your vehicle tomorrow…100% Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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No Asset Procedure (NAP) Vs Bancruptcy – In Simple Terms

Posted on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

The Truth Uncovered in Simple Terms

Non Asset Procedure (NAP) or Bankrupt!

A familiar conversation piece that I have with many of my clients. Understanding the difference and the implications that arise from having the unfortunate experience with either of the above.

A No Asset Procedure (NAP) is effectively voluntary bankruptcy, it is offered as an alternative to Bankruptcy for those with debts between $1000 to $40,000. The main differences are that you retain your IRD number, you can travel overseas, you continue to run your own bank accounts and you are discharged after 1 year. Only you are responsible when entering into a NAP, no one but you can apply for a No Asset Procedure.

Bankruptcy on the other hand is slightly different, you can be declared bankrupt by your creditors if you are a business that cannot support it’s debt’s and you can also declare yourself bankrupt or liquidate your company in the event of not having funds or assets that can support your debt level.

If you are declared bankrupt, you will still be responsible for Court ordered fines or orders of compensation to your creditors by the Court. You will have restrictions over where, how and for whom you can work for. You will not be able to travel overseas without permission from the courts, and any decisions regarding your financial life are heavily scrutinized. You will get issued with a new IRD number and you will not receive your so called “Get out of jail free card” for 3 years.

Something to be said for either of these insolvency situations is “DON’T BE FOOLED”, there is no “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” whether after 1 yr for a NAP or 3 Yrs for Bankruptcy. Credit reporting agencies will report your financial convictions for 7 years.

This will and does effect the ability to get back on your feet. Also just to note, from a lenders perspective when applying for finance, it is often viewed that going Bankrupt for a business failure is somewhat an easier pill to swallow as at least you have given productivity a try and in many cases, market conditions can affect even the most well structured, well meaning business operations.

NAP on the other hand can be viewed as incompetence in managing your financial affairs and finance companies view a NAP as wiping your DEBTS under the table.

So you see, much consideration should be given before entering into a No Asset Procedure, you are still better to get assistance at working your way through and managing your debt level rather than entering into a NAP. Regardless of what BUDGET SERVICES may argue differently.

In most situations people you owe money to will be more forgiving and compassionate toward you if you work through a re-payment structure that you can manage and clear your debts over time.

I hope these thoughts help anyone that is on the wrong side of the track reading their income and debt level. Have a great week 🙂 Cheers Nicole

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A little bit more about me.

Posted on Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Hi all, This blog world is totally foreign to me, so be nice 🙂 I am going to endeavor to use my blog to give you the odd pearl of wisdom that might come in handy when shopping around for your next vehicle. I will also give you my “Top Tips” when applying for finance to give you the best opportunity for a favorable outcome.

First of all it’s time to tell you a little bit about me. I was born and bred in Taranaki and I’m a country girl at heart. I love simple things in life and being a good old west-coast girl, the sun, sand, sea and surf are very dear to my soul. Lamb shanks on mash is my all time favorite dish and red wine is my beverage of choice. When I’m not busy driving around the country side assisting my country clients, I’m a mum and a wife. I am the other half of an extraordinary man that I affectionately refer to as Jerry. Suffice to say without his support, I would just be the other half of hopeless. I’m a self confessed homebody, and hosting family gatherings is how I prefer to spend my free time, and with a near 17 year old and 13 year old, “Well you know”, you don’t get much free time!

I have been involved in Finance and Motor vehicle sales for 22 years now and having been to Japan some 19 odd times on buying trips, you could say the car industry is in my blood. I have never really enjoyed the conventional method or stereo type that surrounds the industry and always considered that I really don’t fit the mold, as I operate back to front in any event.

I’m very practical for one thing, and I prefer to help people achieve what they want, rather than push over used sales jargon down their throat. I firmly believe affordability is key and if you have ever had “The Car Yard” experience, you will know exactly what I am talking about. You walk onto a used car yard and find something that takes your fancy, then you are processed to an office to complete endless forms and patiently await for the outcome of your credit application. DAUNTING!

Here’s a novel idea. How about sorting out what you can borrow before you go shopping, you will remove any rejection or unknown right up front. Give yourself the power to negotiate your position before your even start shopping. You will avoid the possibility of a public embarrassment by being told by a “Salesperson”, “NO” or “TOO MUCH BAD CREDIT”or even worse “YOU CANT AFFORD IT” that vehicle that you have just gotten all excited about.

I’ll sign off there for today, but I’m here to help and I do believe if you spend enough time with me, you will start to learn how to take the reins and make every post the possibility of being a winner when applying for finance and finding your perfect family car. Whether your a customer right now, or possibly in the future there will be plenty you can learn by following my blog. Cheerio for now Nicole 🙂

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