Do you want to experience a premium car buying & finance service like no other?

We are registered motor vehicle traders and registered financial providers. It matters to me and the team @ stuckfortransport that our clients experience the very best motor vehicle buying and finance service available in New Zealand.

Don’t you often wish that business still operated on the old fashioned values of trust an honesty, you know business on a hand shake style?   I know I do, but sadly particularly in the Motor Industry this had been fast diminishing in many areas of the used car market and many of us that have been around forever get a bad rap.

Trade me has not made it easy either as there are still far too many back yard dealers masking their true identity and importing sub-standard vehicles and flogging them off at UN-realistically cheap prices that just confuse heck out the average consumer.

CHEAP and QUALITY are too words that do not go together.  If you want cheap, you are more likely buying just that…a can of worms that has been bandaged up to look good on the surface for a limited amount of time.  Quality on the other hand you will have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for.  BUT… the good news is that quality will notably cost you less in day to day running and overall maintenance.

If you feel its time to upgrade your family vehicle…give me and the team a call.

We are proudly family owned and operated and we will look after you GUARANTEED !!!

Call Nicole Today on 0800 333 055 or Text 021 430-174 Anytime

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