All vehicles purchased in the month of October will receive min $250 to max $1000 cash back upon settlement of transaction. Mystery envelope… XMAS spending…

Hi readers,

well thank heavens that the election is over, it has been one heck of a slog through the build up and circus that the political world provide us.

Now that the dust has settled perhaps it is time to upgrade your family vehicle in time for summer?  Oh yes bring on that warmer weather please.

Let the team at Stuckfortransport look after your motoring needs, we are here ready to assist you and help take the hassle out of buying a vehicle, specifically if you live in the regional parts of New Zealand.

If you have not taken the time to listen to my video on the home page…you should!  I point out probably the most relevant and beneficial reason that you should deal with only one person when trying to secure your car finance.

We are registered financial advisers,  and we only credit check you once!  We then position your application for the best possible outcome with a finance partner of ours that suits your individual circumstances.

We have over a 90{5bffe375392224cfc2958c0007a4f420bb9d3efafc8a1bafaa80ec131e6888e7} success rate in matching the right lending partner to our clients. DID YOU KNOW… that for every credit check that gets performed against you, your credit score goes down…this can often make it difficult to secure your finance.

Call us today and start selecting your vehicle tomorrow…100{5bffe375392224cfc2958c0007a4f420bb9d3efafc8a1bafaa80ec131e6888e7} Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

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